paper skin & glass bones
paper skin & glass bones

A blog dedicated for my alabaster skin and porcelain body. An escape for all things and people whom are pale, with a twist of gore.

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In the mood to do a BIG promotion for you all! What you’ve got to do:


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  • mbf me (strawberrii-chu) & carly (aegchu)
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bigjosh94: I assume that when you get an unexplained bruise you do a lil happy dance.

haha yea. At first im just like, damnnnn UGH! how the fuck did that happen? and then the next minute im like, awww its sooo pretty though :3






follow?No but lovely nature photos!!

Anonymous: what kind of music do you like?

All types of metal. And Japanese music. As well as video game music. And I’m picky with dub step.

plant-boy-jpg: I'm going to assume you like movies like Coraline, Corpse Bride, & The Nightmare Before Christmas? Basically movies by Tim Burton & ones similar to his. x~

Answered this question, but yes :3 xxxxx you better too! :P


url:10/10 ay yoo plant boiiiii



music:6/10 not my type, but everyone else loves this stuff :P

follow?im following currently xx

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